What’s behind the high electricity bills?


If you are a layman like myself, and if you do not know what lies behind high electricity bills, read this story and find out more. Until recently, I did not know either until I started living with my girlfriend. Of course, I expected our bills to grow, both for water, electricity and telephone.

But I did not know it would be so extreme jump. Especially for electricity bill. I do not want to say that my girlfriend is guilty of this. Our needs are by no means different and we use almost all the same devices so that none of us is a culprit. The real culprit for high bills is the devices we least suspected of zariadenia na zníženie spotreby elektrickej energie.

Joint life and expenses

Ever since we started living together, the bill started getting bigger and bigger. It was not that we did not have money for these bill, but we could cut costs. Also, we could save some money and make use out of it. We could go on a trip, rearrange the living space, or go to a romantic dinner. There are a lot of things we can do with that money.

When the bills arrived, I called her to sit down and talk. I wanted to agree to cut costs a bit so that we could afford some other things, rather than an electricity bill. She agreed, though she was not very happy.

What really consumes the most of power?

I did not quite know which devices are spending the most power. Because of my ignorance, I just walked around the apartment and turned off everything we do not need. I did not turn on the lamps until they were most needed. We almost did not watch the TV. I think my girlfriend was a bit annoyed, but I just wanted to see can we save any money.

However, the next month when the bill came, there was no major change. The account was almost the same. I did not know how it was possible when we almost sat in the dark. Then I remembered that my uncle was an electrician before retirement and that it would be best to ask him for advice.

Uncle revealed us where we are mistaken

One evening, the girlfriend and I went to visit him. We told him what the problem is and the first thing he asked us what household appliances we are using. I told him we use everything that others use. “I do not mean it,” he said.

He meant devices such as, hair dryer, iron, and hair straightener. He told me they were devices that consumed the most power. My girlfriend felt a little uncomfortable here because she felt guilty of high electricity bills.

zariadenia na zníženie spotreby elektrickej energie

At first I doubted what my uncle said. That is why we decided to use these devices on a limited basis next month. And indeed, the bill was smaller. Who would say that such small devices can consume so much electricity?!

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